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Standard & Bespoke Rotalube Applications

Benefits of Installing a Rotalube System
At present common system used to lubricate chains are:-
♦ Drip feed systems
♦ Manual Application
♦ Brush Application
♦ Spit/Spray systems
All the present system are better than no lubrication but the Rotablube system significantly extends the chain life and reduces maintenance costs which is paramount for industrial applications in this competitive global market place.
Rotalube lubricates more accurately, efficiently, reliably and reduces lubricant consumption.






Drawing of a lubrication system to lubricate two Rotalubes

We Develops the future technology in lubrication
Automatic Lubrication System are designed to apply regular and accurate amount of oil to Single or multiple Rotalubes on diverse industrial applications such as :
♦ Food Industry
♦ Automobile Industry
♦ Steel Industry
♦ Fiber Glass Industry
♦ Cement Industry
♦ Plastic Industry
The system can be designed to monitor the correct operation at all the times and for critical installations will be alarm when oil level is low or if oil flow to Rotalube/s is not detected.
Some larger system are installed with holding tanks for bulk feed the oil pumps.


Standard & Bespoke Rotalube Applications

Technical Details:
Lubricant Viscosity:
Max 100Cst and Min 68Cst
Stainless Steel Hub & Nylatrone Sprocket
Max Speed: 30m per min
Air Pressure: 5 to 20 PSI
Temp Max: 70 C
Temp Min: -20 C


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