Wireless Level monitoring ConsoliDator 4 & 8 Multi - Channel Controllers
Remote Level Sensing

Here is an application where the level of 8 tanks are wirelessly monitored at practical and convenient locations without the need for expensive hard-wiring. The NEMA 4X enclosure contains wireless devices that convert the 4-20 mA level signals from the level transmitters into a digital signal that is wirelessly sent to a consoliDator (below)


Remote Monitoring

There four Trident displays receive retransmitted singnals wirelessly from a remote ConsoliDator. They can be mounted from hundreds to thousands of feet away from the ConsoliDator depending upon the level of signal interference. Repeaters can be used to extend the range of wireless operation.


Local Display of Tank Level Data

These wireless ConsoliDator receives up to eight channels of process data and displays it in a practical location for easy monitoring. This same information can be wirelessly retransmitted via wireless serial modbus to the office (at right), or up to (4) 4-20 mA retransmitted signals can be sent wirelessly to meters at a remote site (upper right) and displayed on any 4-20 mA input device (meter, recorder, datalogger, etc.).


Remote Office Connection to ConsoliDator

Using the RS-232 Modbus serial output on the ConsoliDator, data can be analyzed and/or data logged remotely on a PC by utilizing a set of wireless radio modems and the free PC based software included with the ConsoliDator. The ConsoliDator can also be remotely configured using this software. Configuration files can be uploaded or downloaded to the PC and stored in the form of a spreadsheet.


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